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11-12 May 2012: Two-Day Workshop on Network Simulation and Patch Development held on 11 –12 May, 2012 at M. A. Jinnah University, Islamabad.  
Two-Days Workshop on
Two-Day Workshop on
Network Simulation and Patch Development
May 11 –12, 2012
Center of Research in Networks & Telecom (CoReNeT)
M. A. Jinnah University, Islamabad

A network simulator is a software program that imitates the working of a computer network. In simulators, the computer network is typically modeled with devices, traffic etc and the performance is analyzed. Typically, users can then customize the simulator to fulfill their specific analysis needs. Simulators typically come with support for the most popular protocols in use today, such as WLAN, Wi-Max, UDP, and TCP. Examples of notable network simulation software are NS2, NS3, OPNET, ESTINet, OMNET etc.
In this workshop, the aim is to familiarize the participants with the state of the art simulation tools. The workshop will start from the basics of network simulators and major components of NS2, NS3 and ESTINET. Then the introduction to writing, building and running a simple point-to-point network script will be given. After that the tutorial moves toward some more complex topologies including wired and wireless networks. Tracing, debugging and result analysis is also part of the tutorial. After that, the new patch/protocol development in all mentioned tools will be studied.

•Understand the network simulators and its benefits to the research students.
•Understand the patch writing in simulators.
•Selection of network simulator for specific scenarios.

Who should attend:
This workshop is intended for people with the background in data communications, telecom networks, IP networking, C/C++ Programming, who are:
•Researchers and students (computer communications and networks) who are working on network simulation to analyze two or more network protocols/architectures etc.
•MS/PhD students who have designed their own protocols and wanted to analyze its performance using simulation.
•Researchers and students who are seeking an in-depth understanding of network simulation and patch development.

- Day 1: ESTINet (2:30PM to 4:30PM) By Mr. Sajjad Akbar
• Introduction to the Simulation of ESTINet
• Basic Topology Writing
• Tracing and Result Analysis
NS2 (4:30PM to 6:30PM) By Mr. Asim Rasheed
( Basic understanding of NS2 is a pre-requisite)
• Introduction to the Simulation of NS2
• Basic Topology Writing
• Tracing and Result Analysis: In detail
• Add on Tools for Topology Writing and Graph Plotting
• Protocol / Patch Development
Day 2 : NS3 (2:30PM to 6:30PM) By Mr. Ehsan Elahi
• Introduction to the simulation of NS3
• Downloading, Building, Installing and Testing NS3
• Running a Script
• Logging Module, Command Line Arguments and Tracing
• Building Topologies
o Building Bus and Star Topologies
o Building Wireless Topology
• Tracing and Result Analysis: In detail
• Debugging NS3 Script
• NS3 APIs
• Protocol/patch development
• Using NS3 Documentaion
• Conclusion

Registration and Course Fee:
Rs 1000/- per person which includes cost of lectures, course material, attendee package, refreshments (60% discount for students). Registrations to be done latest by May7, 2012 via email to info@corenet.org.pk (also mention organization and contact number). For further information please visit: www.corenet.org.pk

About the Instructors:
Mr. Ehsan Elahi is member of CoReNeT, he is an Assistant Professor at University of Sargodha and he is a PhD scholar at M. A. Jinnah University Islamabad
Mr. Asim Rasheed is member of CoReNeT, he an Assistant Professor at Military College of Signals, Rawalpindi (A constituent of National University of Sciences & Technology, Islamabad), and he is a PhD scholar at M. A. Jinnah University Islamabad
Mr Sajjad Akbar is member of CoReNeT a Lecturer at Urdu University and he is a PhD scholar at M.A. Jinnah University, Islamabad

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