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  EduScope Project
  "EduScope", A New Learning System.  
  Executive Summary

The project called “EduScope: A New Learning System” obtained funding from ISCO in November 2009, under the community development program. The work on the project was initiated in January 2010. This project aimed to compensate for the low spending on education and overall lack of IT infrastructure for educational purposes by creating a “virtual classroom” at a street-corner, where underprivileged children are exploring and experiencing the rapidly expanding dimensions of the Internet age, in spite of their poor financial standing impeding their progress. The objective is achieved by embedding a Secure Computer System on the outer side of the boundary wall of a charity school (Ripah Trust, Rehmat-e-bad, Rawalpindi, Pakistan) and giving restricted Internet access to the children of all ages. The children are able to access on-line virtual classrooms, online children competitions, on-line educational games and many other different activities available for children on the Internet. (This Internet access is restricted to only those on-line activities that are related to children).

The project aims to provide interactive learning environment for children, develop in them self learning ability through Internet, allow them to explore things with an open mind. The project will try to compensate for computer & internet illiteracy and develop a strong friendship bond between the internet and the children that will help these less privileged children to excel in different fields of life.

The main theme of the project was to provide a KIOSK style computer workstation for underprivileged children. Each workstation provides access to a pool of information, organized and arranged in a manner that could be easily understandable by children, without and through the Internet. As the systems are installed in a an open environment, they are robust enough to withstand long usage periods and the underlying software is efficient and interesting enough to engage children, maintain their interest and contribute toward building their character and knowledge base. The project was successfully launched on 14th August 2010.

Future Work:

The team at CoReNet is currently writing a proposal to ISCO, under their community grants program to initiate the second phase of the EduScope. The second phase of the project will be more focused on collecting, designing and constructing the educational content in Local languages. This is just a beginning; the team at CoReNet is motivated to take this project a long way.
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